Making Dreams Come True

A Brief History

Bonzair Records started as a small underground studio for local artists who wanted to make it big and needed some demos.

It all happened in 1999. Ever since that moment, our recording company kept growing. If we started with two employees and a small studio, we now have a large buildings and over 50 professionals with over 400 years of experience altogether. Furthermore, we have invested in the ultimate equipment and innovations on the market. In other words, it makes no difference where your music career is. You could be a newbie or an experienced world renowned artist – chances are you will find everything you need in our recording studios.

What makes us so special? Ever since 2005, when we started expanding, we have managed to keep our prices and costs at a minimum. Whether you have sold millions of copies or you are just starting up, we do not really care. We imagine you are brand new. We do not expect you to sell a kidney and work three jobs to record an album. Therefore, despite being among the top companies in terms of quality and performance, we will keep our heads cool. Our experts are friendly and do not expect anything off you – just ask for help.

Real music can heal the heart.

Audio and sound quality

Our Team

“This is your moment and your opportunity. It makes no difference where you are in your career – if you spot the light, just run towards it.”

Mila Heart